Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to transport my vehicle?

Transport times can vary depending on distances, specific transport legs, any special requirements you may have and sometimes events that are outside of our control. When you request a quote we will provide you with estimated transit days. You can also discuss these with a Transit Times Transport Customer Relations Officer or VW Service by calling 1300 660 660.

Do you transport non-running or damaged vehicles?

No. We do not transport non-running or damaged vehicles. If you have any transport-related questions about your specific vehicle, please call one of our Customer Relations Officers on 1300 660 660 to discuss further.

Can I leave personal belongings in my vehicle during transport?

Unfortunately not. Personal items cannot be left in the vehicle due to safety and warranty reasons.

We seeks to be a responsible member of the community and as such places great importance on:

Regulatory responsibilities

Transit Times Transport’s trailers are planned and loaded according to the weight and dimensions of the vehicles being transported as required by the relevant State and Federal Guidelines. OH&S

Transit Times Transport seeks to provide a safe workplace for its employees and goods coming loose from vehicles can possibly result in injury or damage.

Community Responsibility

Transit Times Transport endeavours at all times to be a responsible member of the community and whilst using our national roadways we operate to minimise risk of injury or damage to other road users – goods coming loose from vehicles can result in injury and damage.


All vehicles travelling into WA and Tasmania are subject to quarantine inspection. Any goods left in a vehicle are subject to inspection causing possible delays and additional charge to our customers.